LOVE it!!! Had it for about 3-4 months & it does exactly what it says. Couldn't be without it now.


My husband and I are just in awe with this little machine. Since I do a lot of gardening and canning we purchased a second one.

But we are firm believers if everyone was required to process waste in with this little green and white machine, they too will enjoy it, love it, and not miss the expense of added weight or smell in trash cans.

What would the landfill do?

It is exactly all they say it is, we are so very impressed with the quietness, order less, as it works.

I suggest anyone to purchase one, you will have a sudden attachment to this wonderful earthy, wisely made, machine.!!


The Food Cycler has brought quick and convenience to composting. For years, my wife and I would throw all our food scraps into a traditional outdoor composter. The old method would always provide a foul smell and an infestation of fruit flies during the summer months. In addition, the old method does not provide compost for years and years.

With its sleek design and innovative technology, the Food Cycler eliminates all odors and reduces food waste by 90%. I now have compostable material within a matter of 3-4 hours!

In today’s day and age of reducing food waste, the Food Cycler is a must for every household.


This product is nothing short of AMAZING. It's just so easy to use. As I cook, in go the scraps. When the bin is full, turn it on and leave it alone (hate to say it, but "set it and forget it"). It's actually easier to dispose of my kitchen wastes this way, than it is to take it out for municipal disposal--and this way I get a great garden soil amendment.



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