How It Works

1. Scrape leftover food - cooked and uncooked - right into the removable waste bucket. The Food Cycler Home will even compost bones, pits, shells, meat, and citrus rinds.

2. Place the bucket inside the main unit, lock the lid, and begin processing. Agitators quietly break down the food waste into small particles, while it is heated, decomposing and sterilizing the by-product entirely. The unique carbon filter filtration system eliminates the odor completely, allowing for indoor use. The unit will automatically shut off.

3. Once the processing is complete, you can empty the contents directly into your garden. The entire process takes as little as 3 hours and requires no water, chemicals, venting or draining.

4. No cost, no waste fertilizer! The organic residual is a nutrient-rich soil amendment, scientifically proven for optimal vegetation growth.