The Solution: Food Waste Recycling

The Food CyclerSM solves the problem of dumping large quantities of food waste into landfills where it piles up and pollutes the environment. This green technology food waste solution works like an oversized composter on fast forward, sterilizing and converting food waste into compostable humus-rich, high-carbon organic particles. This residue can then be reused as a soil amendment, biofuel, animal feed or pet food. The filtered, potable water can also be reclaimed and used for herb gardening, landscapes and cooling towers.

The food cycle

1. Food waste and certain uncoated paper products are fed into the top opening of the Food Cycler

2. With the push of a button, the Food Cycler agitators break the material into small particles and heat it to 180° F, decomposing and deodorizing it while killing bacteria.

3. After the Food Cycler automatically shuts off, the organic residual will automatically discharge.

4. The organic residual is processed into an organic fertilizer that’s scientifically proven for optimal vegetation growth.

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