Choosing the Right Model

The Food Cycler models range from a throughput capacity of 125 lbs. up to 3,300 lbs. All units require only minimal installation and no fresh water, enzymes or venting. In addition, they use minimal energy and are designed to provide a space-saving footprint. Use the following chart to choose the model best suited to your waste food recycling needs.

Processing & Diversion Matrix

Model # Gross Daily Diversion Gross Annual Diversion Net Annual Diversion
Cycler-65 125 pounds 23 tons 20 tons
Cycler-250 250 pounds 45 tons 40 tons
Cycler-650 650 pounds 118 tons 105 tons
Cycler-1100 1,100 pounds 200 tons 180 tons
Cycler-2200 2,200 pounds 400 tons 360 tons
Cycler-3300 3,300 pounds 600 tons 540 tons


Gross Daily Diversion: food waste capable of being processed daily
Gross Annual Diversion: food waste capable of being processed in one year
Net Annual Diversion: food waste NOT landfilled

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