Hungry for a solution to your growing food waste problem?
Starve the landfills.
Feed the earth.
Reap the rewards.

What makes our technology different?

Dehydrates & converts food waste daily into a sterile bio-mass
Reduces volume/weight by 85~93%
Sterilizes and converts food waste into compostable humus rich, high-carbon organic particles
Produces reusable by-products: soil amendment, compost accelerant, bio-fuels, animal feed, pet food and potable water
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Commercial food waste recycling down to a science.

Food waste is a growing problem, adding up to more than 70 million tons in our landfills each year. The results are pests, odors, toxic liquids and methane gas far more potent than CO2.

Fortunately, Food Cycle Science has a commercial food waste composting solution that will not only help save our environment, it could save the food service industry millions of dollars every year.

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Food Cycle Science Debuts Residential Indoor Composting Solution

In-Home Composter Designed to Eliminate Residential Food Waste Odorlessly in Less Than Three Hours CORNWALL, ON–(Marketwired – Feb 25, 2014) – Food Cycle Science, a leader in providing indoor composting solutions, today announced the launch of its first composter designed specifically for consumer use, the Food Cycler: Home. Created by MagicCara Co., the Food Cycler: […]

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